BLUF: Should I send a connection invite on LinkedIn to the hiring manager I met with last week? I had a phone interview last week for a position out of state within my own company. This position is several states away and in a different division of the company I work for. I usually preempt an interview with a search for whomever I am interviewing with on LinkedIn to see what I can learn about their past and current functions. This manager and I seemed to hit it off pretty good during the phone interview. It was scheduled for 1 hr but after 20 minutes he confirmed that I was in the top 3 as I was the last interview. He also let me know that they would fly me out for an on-site interview in the next few weeks. Would it reflect negatively on me if I were to send a connection request to this individual? I appreciate everyone's insight on this as this is a position that I REALLY want and am qualified for. Mac

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I don't think it would assuming that your profile's professional.


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If your assessment is true, you have little, if anything, to gain by extending a LinkedIn invitation... you have a lot you could lose.

The purpose of LinkedIn is to network for biz purposes.  If you're currently interviewing with this person you have nothing to gain by making yourself known to the hiring manager's network. To the same degree, you likely can't add value to the hiring manager's network.  Since there is no real biz reason for the LinkedIn connection you'll likely leave the hiring manager wondering why you would send the invitation. 

This behavior could also be interpretted as an attempt to "take control" of the hiring process by moving closer to the hiring manager than the other candidates.

If you're not selected, invite away.



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