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Wrestling with a Linkedin question and hoping you can provide some guidance.  Worked for a company for the past 5 years and received bonuses, raises and advancement in position and responsibilities.  Things changed once new management came on board.  Two years later, although I was still getting bonuses and advancement, I was abruptly transitioned out.  Once I left the company, I then learned that 2 people within the company (who I thought were close friends) were involved in orchestrating my departure in order to further their own careers. In addition, my ex-boss outright lied to Upper Management about not only the quality of my work but also told them that I had quit the company.  After an extensive job search, I was very fortunate to get an even better job and am loving my new expanded role and responsibilities.  Upper Management is now onto this person and understands what happened.  (They even reached out to me with personal apologies).  While I genuinely do not wish these people any ill will, I am concerned that keeping them connected to me through my Linkedin profile may in the future negatively impact my career or reputation.  Obviously, these are not people I wish to be associated with.  So now I'm struggling with whether I should unfollow most of my prior co-workers in an attempt to sheild myself from possible further negative repercussions by them.  I should mention they do not know that I have discovered what their roles were in my departure.  Thanks for any advice you care to offer. 

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The purpose of a network is to provide mutual support and foster closer relationships.  Are these people you want to foster a relationship with?  Can you rely on them for honest support?  When people show you who they are, it's wise to believe them.  Let them go and fill those spots with others you can trust.  

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Thanks so much for the feedback. It’s been really helpful. 

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Happy to help!  We're only given so much time, energy, and focus in this life - I find it's best to spend it on the people who deserve it.