Hello everyone,

I have three employees in my small fitness business who are very effective. However I really need them to get certifications from professional bodies for both their career development and to upgrade the professional look of my business. How do you people think I should handle them so that they do not get the impression that I doubt their efficiency which I dont? or even think that their jobs are at risk?

I will really appreciate your advice.

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which stands for "What's In It For Me".  How do they see they'll benefit from certifying?  How do they see they'll benefit from the business benefiting from each of them certifying?

If the certification is part of improving the benefits and value to your customers, pay for the certifications -- out of the marketing budget if "our guys got their certs to better serve you" is a key piece of your messaging.  Perhaps some perk once certified:  a pay bump, and/or first pick of prospects found through the new marketing.

Maybe you'll say something like this:

"Hey guys, here's how I want the business to be pulling in more of the customers I think we should stay focused on.  You guys are really effective and efficient, you know our customers really appreciate that they get what they came for because of that, and I want to continue building that up to bring in prospects.  I want to have you get your Whatsit certifications as another easy-to-understand point on the value you give them."  then into details on what you're thinking and working with them to figure out how to make it happen reasonably soon.

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Hello jrb3, 

Your advice on WII-FM was evrything I needed. I called them in for a meeting which was beyond successful as they all agreed to get certified. We agreed that the business will meet them halfway and we now have an agreement. I'm now looking for the best ones for each of them as we walk this journey together.

I think whenever I need to employ some more I will have to make certified part of the ualification to avoid such a scenario in the future.

Thanks again!