I've been listening to the casts for over a year now, and would love to go to the next conference to improve my M-T skills.

I *also* see huge value for my DRs to go to a conference as well.

What are folks' thoughts about a boss & a DR going to the same conference? Too weird?

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Would strongly encourage both of you to go. I went without any of mine and think it would have been great to have them there. There were several people at the first conference with direct reports there.

I hope you both can go!!

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I went to the DC Conference with three of my direct reports. I confess to having some thoughts during the conference of "Now they will know all my tricks." I feared that knowledge of the feedback model, for example, would diminish its effectiveness when I practiced it on these folks.

But what I've found since we returned is that there is value in building critical mass in our organization for a relentless attitude toward performance. The changes I've been working to make now seem far more achievable with the help of three allies who are fully enlisted.

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The normal worry about lack of openness just doesn't apply here. You setting the example of learning makes it okay to admit they have stuff to learn too.

Bring the whole gang.


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Bring them all!

If nothing else, they'll learn Mark's rule "Never give feedback to your boss", and that will save you from hearing "May I give you some feedback?" from them. :twisted: