I love this podcast! I am trying to download all the past shows but iTunes only lists files dating back to July 2006. Does anyone know how to show ALL the past podcasts with iTunes. Thanks.

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If you're a registered member (the free one, not the premium one), you can go to and there is an RSS link you can copy/paste into iTunes to get all the old casts.

There might be one for non-members, but I can't seem to find it.

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Thanks Tom. This worked perfectly. -Scott

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I love this podcast, but was puzzled about how to get to the old shows - thanks for showing me how.

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Guys I've been using the 'normal' feed and have recently switched over to the rss link provided above.

Is there a way I can 'import' podcasts I've already downloaded into the new feed? iTunes doesn't recognise that I already have copies of the content and goes to download them again.


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I just deleted the old ones and re-downloaded. Just set it to run overnight. :)

In short, I don't think there's a way to "transfer" them over.

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Sounds like a plan. Thanks Will.

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Have just been looking at this problem, so thought useful to update this thread.

What I tried was to physically copy across all the casts from the regular feed destination folder in iTunes (... iTunes > Podcasts > Manager Tools) to the new destination folder created by the all-in-one members feed (iTunes > Podcasts > Manager Tools - Members-Only).

This works fine in moving files, but sadly it seems iTunes just won't recognise them as being there - so it will always show the copied-across podcasts as "get" and grey shaded, unless you re-download.

Some things to watch out for though:

If the cast you are re-downloading already exists in the destination folder, iTunes helpfully adds a "1" on the end of the filename, so you'll actually end up with a duplicate file, rather than getting a notification or updated status in iTunes (nb. why on earth iTunes would "see" the existing file well enough to add a "1" but not just update the status in the podcast playlist... well that beggars belief really).

You may, if you subscribed from a while back, actually end up with three MT folders in iTunes - in addition to the two mentioned above, the old members cast which first came out a while back goes to (... iTunes > Podcasts > Manager Tools Members Cast). So it is a good idea to consolidate and get rid of that folder, too.

Last, I have actually come across some of the casts in my music folders, under (... iTunes > Podcasts > Mark Horstmann and Michael Auzenne); they showed up as normal music files with the Genre "Podcast" - this may be a legacy problem of my own doing, but worth a look if you're low on space.

Anyway - sad to say there's no easy solution vs. just re-downloading, but watch out you don't end up with two copies of everything in the process.

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That's the world of Apple I find. The industrial design is beautiful, and the initial user experience is wonderful, however, once you delve a bit deeper and want to do something outside the norm things get murkier.

I have had the same problem as you but it stemmed from trying to recover a corrupted itunes library. I just relented in the end and redownloaded the whole MT set - (The whole expereince cost me over $900 in excess bandwidth charges to recover 45 G worth of material). Some of my other podcasts are still not working correctly.

All this said Apple and Steve J's reality distortion field still have me craving an ipod touch that I saw for the first time in RL today - (and maybe even a iphone, despite reading all the flaws, when they make to Aus)