Hi. I wanted to post a couple of behaviors I noticed from my last interview:

The hiring manager said my resume looked great and that he really liked the dollar signs I included on my resume. I used the right excel words, etc. Even that my nervousness faded as the interview progressed.

He took me to meet his boss and talk with him for a few minutes.

He gave me an out on "Why I don't like my current position" (for the record, I said I wanted more responsibility than my contract job could afford)

All three of us laughed at some point. Also, I had interviewed for this before early last year, and was not initially selected. I was called back.

I was one of four picked to interview, and seventy applied. I'm just really nervous. The Manager Tools advice is very good, but hasn't proven fool proof.


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Congrats on what sounds like a pretty positive interview.  Just remember that until you've got an offer, you haven't got anything.  You don't know how well the other candidates went, so keep working on delivering results for your current organisation, as well as applying energy to your job search.

Best of luck,

- Matt