Right now, I'm using the Manager Tools search box and Google (with the "" option) to find the reference materials for the original and later podcasts on one-on-ones. It would be helpful if there was a single page that listed all of the podcasts, both all-access and members-only. If something like this already exists, that's great. Please let me know where to find it.

Thanks for the fantastic resource. My wife - the only one of us that actually has directs - is talking about her first one-on-ones.

Rob Campbell

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I think that this is what you need:

It's accessible off the menu/button bar on the main page. Hover your mouse over the Resources button, select Podcasts from the menu that appears then List all Podcasts.


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That was embarrassingly obvious.


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[quote="imagitec"]That was embarrassingly obvious.


No worries. I had to double check that it did indeed list all podcasts rather than just all non-member podcasts.


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Stephen brought up a good point. Member podcasts. Don't forget to sign up for them. They're free, and they're important. That's where all the communication habits casts are - DiSC.