I'd love to learn more about Six Sigma and who knows, maybe one day get certified!

Are there any books that the team here have read that have done a fantastic job of explaining and teaching Six Sigma?

There is Six Sigma for Dummies; however, I'm not fond of the "...for Dummies" collection of books.

Thank you everyone for your support in my development :).

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I've had several good classes on six sigma so now just have more references that have some good descriptions and guidance in them. I like both of the books listed below.

At the office:

At home:

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Those are quite massive books!

Thank you though, I added both to my wish list and I'll most likely start off with the Handbook on Green Belts then Black Belt.

I assume the office book is just for reference?

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They both are. I just need a reference in both locations. They are quite hefty, but very useful.

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Hi everybody this is Giuseppe writing on this forum for the first time.
I started reading "Demystifying Six Sigma" by Alan Larson, one of the quality managers in Motorola ata the time of Six Sigma introduction.
It's clear and he gets through the concept step by step.
I've not finished it yet by it seems well written.

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For Six Sigma info you might try the American Society for Quality (ASQ.) Their website is

ASQ provides certifications, training and has an extensive selection of books available. If you click the link for certifications, there is a listing of the Body of Knowledge (BOK) for each certification and for each item in the BOK they list references for books containing that info. There are even practice tests.

There is also an extensive collection of tools and reference online but I don't know if you have to be a member to access them.