I am reading 'The Skilled Facilitator' - great in-depth book on facilitating group! Amazon reviews: ; by Roger Schwarz.
This book will really help me to become a better facilitator of groups.

This is an in-depth book; containing a complete Systems-thinking based approach to facilitation.
Core statement: 'The facilitator's main task is to help the group increase effectiveness by improving its process and structure'.

It complements some of the ideas of Manager-Tools in a great way!
There are some similar ideas; e.g. on WWWTALA sessions; dealing with emotions; setting the Agenda of meeting etc.
Of particular interest is the model for Interventions in groups.

Highly recommended reading! More reading at the site of Roger Schwarz:

Has anybody read this book? Or other books on group facilitation? Please feel free to comment / contribute to this post!

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Wow, thanks, sound like exactly what I need at the moment!
Will order and read it right away and report back!

Thank you,