We are going through a culture change at our company. My peer and I are required to have a 4'x8' metics boards. Our Manager and Director both want/require us to have a skills flexibility matrix posted on it. We are pretty free as to what the remainder has posted on it. We supervise a large prepress.
Basically this matrix ranks everyone from 1-4 on a specific skill within the whole prepress. I see publicly posting this as counter productive to our new culture. I use 1:1 meetings to coach and give feedback to my directs. My boss thinks this will be a great tool to assist me with coaching. How can I convince my boss(es) that this is a poor choice. or am I wrong?

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IF I UNDERSTAND YOU CORRECTLY, you're talking about putting your folks' skills up on a board to encourage them to get better.

It really depends on a bunch of things. Generally, we like openness. Some of your folks probably will not. Of course, EVERYONE ON YOUR TEAM ALREADY KNOWS everyone's skills.

I would NOT recommend you tell your boss no, but I would be very careful about how you communicate what's happening and how the scores will be determined.

Expect a lot of noise unless your team is full of exceptional people with great attitudes.