Hi Guys,

I am a long-time listener of MT..

I will have a skype interview soon.. and I have got a technical question:

I have a macbook pro, but can the embedded mic and webcam provide an adequate audio/video quality?

Are "iphone-like" headphones convenient/professional/appropriate?

Should I invest in an external HD webcam and wireless headphone+mic?

I tried to look around for answers.. but didnt find anything ...

I would like to hear clearly and especially to let other see and understand me clearly..

Have you got experience about it??


Thanks in advance!!



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Your MacBook Pro's webcam is likely more than fine for video as long as your MacBook is 2012 or newer (try it out with Facetime to make sure). Make sure you are front-lit and not back-lit. Sitting at a desk with your MacBook in front of you, a table lamp (not a desk lamp but a lamp with a shade that throws light in all directions) beside that and general overhead lighting is usually enough.

You want the lamp shade to diffuse the light so you're not "shiny" to the camera with hotspots. You want to avoid being back-lit, because the camera will adjust its exposure of the greater light behind you, which will leave you in the dark.

For audio, the stock Apple headphones they started shipping with the iPhone 5 (I think) are a good choice. Don't use the MacBook's mic if you can help it. Just plug the headphones in and you should be fine. I'm talking about the Apple headphones with the all-plastic earpieces (no foam or rubber or anything soft), specifically.

The only drawback is that they don't perhaps *look* as professional as you might like. I personally would not balk at a candidate wearing them, but you never know I guess. If you wanted to go the extra mile, you could spend $120 on a Blue Yeti USB microphone.

Good luck!


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Thanks!  very kind and clear!!

I am planning to do a dry-run in the next days to check the performance and the quality of my macbook.. let's see..

my main issue is the use of headphone.. i don't want to seem a "geek".. but actually at same time afraid of feedback or echoes.. 

thanks again!

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I say skip headphones.  I've been interviewed by Skype and I don't think they look professional and that is the image you are going for.  Sure some sound might be lost but practice with your dry run and you will be fine.