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Hi there !

I discovered you a few months ago via the postcasts. I firstly wanted to improve my English and to see what were the basic principle of management in the United States. Because my first idea was there was too much cultural difference beween France and USA.

Then I was very surprised to find some parallels between what I had progressively applied with my team (from personal "experience")and what I heard from you guys : I had my own kind of "one to one" (but monthly) and feedback models (with my own templates) ...

Of course, many things have to be done differently for cultural reasons but the principles stay the same : work on behaviour, get feedback, on a very frequent basis, etc.

I am 38 years old, own two busineses, representing a total of 30 people, on two different sites, far away from each other (geographically and culturally). My directs are young, energetic people, not very experienced on management, but willing to improve !

Had their English level be better, I would ask them to at least spend 1 hour a week listening to your podcasts. But, it is not possible. So I have to find another way : adapt and apply what I learn from you, and ask them to do same with their directs.

Thanks anyway for your advices.

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Thanks for your kind words and glad you're with us.

We don't see there being enough difference to suggest different behaviors between big and small firms. Every recommendation we make has been tested in big and small firms. We find that the subtle changes have more to do with firm culture than firm size.


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Yes, the difference is maybe more about culture (country) than size.