I'm back. Revisited MT after a few years away and refreshed quite a few topics on a 500mile drive over the past few days. I'd forgotten how good the advice is. Thanks MT.

I'm a small fish but, have been, at last, alowed a new junior who I have found and recommended to be taken on. I want to make sure I manage them the best I can and to give them the best advantages and help to develop, the best training I can. I guess I've been promoted but it feels like quite a loose arangement.

I've checked out the 'on boarding' first meeting and coaching what else should I be looking to do? Just bought the DISC profile and plan to do that a little later today.
Is that something to share with the new guy? With my chief? Post in the kitchen?

I'm pretty sure that despite my constant recommendation in the office I am the only MTOOLER in the company so some existing techniques are as you may imagine.

Thanks in advance

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Congratulations on having a direct!!

Always start with the MT Basics which can be found under podcasts and if you follow, it means go slow and start with O3s.  They are the most powerful tool to build relationships and everything flows from there.

Good luck!


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Thank you. 


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O3s are One on Ones which are the backbone of Manager Tools.  Check them out and start immediately (with the 3 week window as suggested).  The podcasts are great to get you going.

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Thank you Dawne. I've been 'on' the podcasts for ages and will refresh over the weekend.


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First answer above is absolutely right - O3's all the way.  Start with the basics podcasts.  The trinity rollout as described in the basics podcasts should be your tactical action plan for the first year.