I manage a microtech lab in a university environment. I have 2 technicians and 1 engineer under my supervision. I would like to improve my team management method which is very basic at the moment: no team meeting, only mail and on-the-fly conversations about personal life and work. I know, it's not really good and that's why I've looked for improvement. I really like the one-on-ones idea and would like to implement it. From what I heard in the casts, one-on-ones are mostly used between a manager and his/her directors... does it apply as well in my case ?

What would you recommend ?



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I applaud you for trying to improve on your management skills!  I am also in a technical field (engineering), and continually find people stressing the technical skills, but ignore the people skills.   Utilizing the trinity (O3s, Feedback, Coaching, and Delegation) are a great way to improve your management skills, and they apply to anyone who supervises others, including your situation.  I would recommend listening to their "Basics" podcasts, and using the information they provide as you see it fits your team.

Good luck to you!