Joel is a well known software development writer.

In this, his second book, he gives advice on hiring developers for software development companies.

Much of his advice is on attracting the best performers by taking extra-ordinary measures to get top talent into his company. The top developers, Joel argues, are only on the general market a few times in their career. Attempting to hire using the usual sources (Monster, recruiters, even employee referrals) is likely to deliver a stack of resumes from everyone but the top performers.

His advice on interviewing, and the hiring process seems sound. I feel like he goes over the top in treating developers like rock stars (limos to pick up interns; first-class flights for developers traveling to conferences).

Then again, he specifically indicates that his advice is for software development companies whose competitive advantage rely on having top talent around their core business. He mentions that his advice isn't directed toward general IT programmers.

I'd be interested in hearing what other people think about this book.