Greetings all,

I'm experiencing the Christmas rule right now with a job interview out of the blue. 

My questions are: "First interview, I know I'm getting a second, do I send a thank you now?" and "Do I close, after first interview, when more interviews are being scheduled?"

I did try and do a search for this first. Forums search function was going super slow for some reason so couldn't get far. 


Background: I had a face to face interview with hiring director. While decidedly an interview, it was more two way by choice of the hiring manager. They called me out of the blue and were both interviewing me and trying to entice me to their company. 

We closed the interview with him asking if I wanted to proceed and meet with the rest of his team. I said yes, but failed to close at this time. I was a little off center being asked if I wanted to continue the process, not the other way around. 

So I have follow up interviews being scheduled and I know I'll be meeting the hiring manager again. 

- Do I do the normal follow up (Phone, Email, Thank you Card) now, or wait for the follow up email? 

- If I should send a thank you card now, should I close in the thank you? Or should I restate my interest in the position that they asked me if I had. 


Thanks in advance, Joel BC




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] "First interview, I know I'm getting a second, do I send a thank you now?"

Yes, handwritten.

] Do I close, after first interview, when more interviews are being scheduled?"


Do you own the Interviewing Series? This is covered in "How to Follow Up" and "How to Close"

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Yes, I own the interviewing series. I just reviewed the slides before posting, I didn't go through the show notes though, my bad. 

I wasn't sure because this was the first interview and there are more already scheduled. Is that in the cast/show notes? I know if you think this is the "only" interview you should. 

Thanks, Joel BC


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A key point in the interview series on thank you notes is, what if the next round is different people?  If you fail to send one now, to those you just met, how do you send them to others later?  They will compare notes, and wonder why some get thanked and some don't.  Always thank everyone for their time, every time they give you time. 

If you want the job, why wouldn't you say so every chance you get?  Again, you never know if you'll never see that person again (it happens that way often, they already have their 'input' and want other's opinions, and don't have time to meet you 'again').  If the other gal closed and you didn't you're losing the battle. 

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 Absolutely agree with above poster. Thank you notes are (relatively) cheap and return so much. It NEVER hurts to send a thank you note, so why not? Additionally, any time you can restate your interest in the position - PARTICULARLY since they are pursuing you  --- the better. 


Good luck!