It might just be me: I recently listened to The Public Speaker cast (from the Quick & Dirty network - producers of Grammar Girl). Episode 28 (North American Business Handshaking) seemed to have a LOT of content that sounded familiar... web-to-web, left foot forward, elbow in, etc.

Yes, I understand you can't copyright a handshake, but it just left an awful taste in my mouth as this cast seemed like a watered down version of that great MT cast. You know what they say about imitation...

Thumbs down to the Public Speaker.

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Was there no attribution or acknowledgment of Manager-Tools, then?


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It doesn't sound like anyone did anything wrong. Fewer people in the world. will now be shaking hands badly, and that's a good thing.


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Acknowledgement is professional! Everyone should do it! It does not make us stupid when we say we use someone else's idea. It means that we listen to the others and learn.


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Oh man, you have NO idea how much MT's ideas get copied everywhere! I live in Quebec, a province of Canada, and there is some theory in the newspapers that obviously comes from MT. My teacher inspired a lot of his courses on MT as well. At least, my professor did mention it, and it's how I discovered Manager-Tools!

Thanks for the link, by the way. I'm not really good in english, so having this cast (my favorite!) written down will be easier for me to understand!

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 Hey, by the way

I need some help o the handshake. I was trying it out, and I'm wondering what kind of pressure I need to apply. Do I need to wrap my hand around the other's hand (by that I mean that the tip of my little finger is on the back of the other's hand) and squeeze like if I was holding something, or I have to apply no pressure on the Metacarpals so I squeeze my hand like it was a "Pelican Mouth" (By that, I mean applying the pressure only with my thumb and the "knuckles" (not sure it is the appropriate word though)?


Edit: I changed the word from "Fingers" to "Metacarpals". It is more appropried, I think. Sometimes, when I'm doing an handshake, the other's person Metacarpals moves (because of the pressure that the tip of my fingers are applying, which is directed upwards), so this is why I think I don't have the right technique!.

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Mike and I are of the mindset that we like it when folks talk about good management and professional behaviors.

And, we're bothered by the lack of attribution. I disagree with Rob's sweeping comment - the lack of attribution is borderline unprofessional.  And Rob has his own blog - on management development! 

We have first hand knowledge of misuse of MT intellectual property, but control is an illusion ALWAYS. :-)

But we'll try to focus on the positive.  I'm glad folks are learning about the web to web idea, among others.

If you feel like it, post a comment there PROFESSIONALLY AND POLITELY suggesting that there's more good management and professional development stuff here, including a cast on handshakes.  Thanks for your help if you do.


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First, have you listened to our podcast?

Of course, you would wrap your hand around to the back...but that's not the important thing.  And the pressure is described in the cast...?


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 Yes I've listened to it many times. But I'm still struggling with WHERE to apply the pressure. Should I apply pressure from my whole hand, or simply from my thumb and knukles?

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 Let me put it that way:

Is it ok if the other person's fifth Metacarpal (the one at the bottom when the hand is positionned for a Handshake) move a bit horizontally toward my hand during the handshake? Is that "squeezing" considered rude?

Btw: It happens most of the times with womens or people with skinny hands.

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I think it may mean you have too much grip strength, but you are probably okay.  Have you practiced with the bat?  That's the right amount.  It's not a lot, really.


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 We're not baseball fans, here in Quebec! hahahaha :)

I'll try to get one soon!

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Eric, try a goalie's hockey stick using the blade side, or an empty water cooler bottle neck. The latter works really fine.

As for teaching people how to handshake, I have had others teach me about this long before I heard of MT. I agree with others here, the MT way and their differences make theirs special.

That said, I know the last company I worked for had material on how to make a handshake. It was just the basics. The company might be in a better position today if they had listened to and applied 10% of what I learned on MT. In fact the more I listened to MT the more I knew it was time to leave.

MT and NC TarHeels National Champs!

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I look forward to trying those.

Now if only Mike and I weren't fans of Coach K because of his alma mater....