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As a HR Manager (one of the good ones ;), sometimes I look at the other senior managers (at my level or more senior in pay) and when they do or say something galactically stupid, I just want to say "Really?!" and shake my head.

In fact, I almost did that today.... but I waited till they had left the room.  I thought I could no longer be surprised but yet, I'm proven wrong again and again..... just sayin'.

Shaking my head, exhausted and sighing deeply - going home to my children and to a lovely long weekend here in Oz. :)

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In situations like this, I just tend to look at some overly complicated  process, like the US Tax Code, (which is ~72,000 pages in length!), and remind myself that there are actually human beings out there that looked at this and said "Yep, this makes total sense. This is EXACTLY how it should be!"

Then I feel very sorry for those people and say a prayer of thanksgiving that I'm not one of them!


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haha; thanks for the perspective. I think I need to start meditating again just to find peace and balance.

Cheers to you!