Technical question:

I'm trying to listen to my Christmas gift 'Interview Series' on my home wireless sound system, Sonos. Unlike the free podcasts, I can't get the Sonos app to see the podcasts on either my iPhone nor Fire tablet.

Anyone out there offer any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Jacko,

did you transfer the podcasts to your iPhone as an MP3? If so, you would find them not in the "Podcast"-section of the Sonos app, but in the music section (search via album or title). Hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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Hi Dana, 

Yes - that worked!  I was trying to do it all on my iphone and couldn't figure out how to download from the website.  So I did it on a laptop and moved it to my itunes directory and it popped right in. But it would be easier to do directly on the iphone.  

Thanks for your suggestion!