Let's start planning the next DC/Baltimore meetup.

I recommend June 18th at 7:00 pm at the regular place.

McCormick & Schmidt's in Bethesda
7401 Woodmont Avenue
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
(301) 961-2626

Please post a message here if you can or cannot make it.


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I have it on my calendar. Is there an agenda of what to expect and how long? Should I eat dinner beforehand or is it included? Any cost or homework to be done? I apologize for the many questions but I want to be prepared. Thanks.

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See you in June!

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Glad to hear you plan to join us.

Good questions.

Dinner is available from the restaurant.  We typically order at least appetizers and beverages, sometimes dinner.  Not mandatory.

Cost-wise, be prepared to cover your portion of the food and beverages.  The restaurant has pay parking and valet parking available.  Those cost too.  I forget the exact fees.

No homework at this point.  Generally folks discuss their operation or recent podcasts or current news.  So, you can prep in these areas.

There is a fairly set agenda.  I'll post that in a few minutes.

Please let us know if you have more questions.


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Ok, credit goes to Kate and Dave for putting together the agenda.  Let's use it again.

1. Welcome/Introductions if there are newcomers (7:00 p.m.) - Who you are, where you're from, when and why you discovered Manager Tools.

2. Update from last meeting (7:15) – Have you overcome any of the challenges you mentioned in the last meeting? How did you do it and what was the outcome?

3. Your most powerful manager tool(s) (8:00 p.m.) Which tools have been the most successful/effective for you? Why? Are there any that you've tried that haven't worked?

4. Adjourn (9:00 p.m. or whenever).

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I love how BJ created this agenda about a year ago and I keep getting credit for it. Sweeeeet! I'll be there.


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This sounds interesting I look forward to attending.

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Glad to hear you're joining.  Please let us know if you have any questions.




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Don't forget the meetup in Bethesda is on for next Thursday.


Looking forward to seeing everyone, both old and new.




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Thanks to all that attended last night. I enjoyed the discussions and look forward to meeting up again soon.


I don't think we decided who will be organizing the next one? Any takers?

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Aside from M-T application, we typically cover extremely important tangents. The correlation (causation?) between coffee and the Renaissance comes to mind. Also, like last night, inventions.

Sadly, some of our key inventions are already claimed:

- BJ

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Dude. DOOOOOOOOOOOOODE! I'm so disappointed that my intensity brake light idea is already patented. I suppose it's my own fault since I have been talking about this since I was 16 when I used to get into car accidents on a routine basis. You snooze, you lose I suppose.

Great seeing you guys last night! I'll be in charge of the next one, though I might venture into Virginia. Scary, I know. Enjoy this YouTube video in preparation: