We have a monthly staff meeting that one of the junior associate facilitatesfaciliates. I am her manager and  review the agenda prior.  During the meetings the junior associate gives information to the staff but is not totally accurate or clear of expectations on some details. I have allowed her to finish the statement then ammend her statements.  The junior accociate feels as though this downs her and takes away her credibility  We have discussed and will have the jr associate review specifically what she plans on saying.  What do you think? is the jr associate being sensitive or am I as the upper manager being too perfect. My concern is that staff will take the inaccurate information and we will have to correct at a later time.

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Unless the difference in the wording is crucial I would think that the "public humiliation" is too heavy. Have you tried giving her feedback on the way she is doing the meeting?

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Please clarify what s the expectation of the junior associate relative to the meeting. Are they facilitating or are they running the meeting? Is the junior associate presenting info that you really should be presenting yourself?
Does the associate have all the data to prepare properly?

On another note, have you tried to have the junior associate rehearse the presentation of information and relevant expectations before hand? It would help you and the associate work through some of the completion issues.