I find myself often leaving blank the portion of my update called "Collaboration - What skills and time do you have for others"

What am I missing?

I often have booked myself so tightly for the week that an important deliverable would not get done if I offer myself. I guess I am just considering my own deliverables and their timeliness.

I also feel like if they need help, my boss can tell them to come see me or they will just ask me directly.



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Warning: Ignore any perceived tone here. It may sound harsh, it's not intended to be such.

I sense that you are very task focused. How much time do you devote to building relationships with your superiors, peers, and other co-workers?

I began my career in 1977. If I could change one thing about my habits, it would be to spend more time developing relationships with those groups I mentioned above.

Wait! You say, I don't have time to do that.

First, creating more effective relationships might aid you in accomplishing your tasks quicker because you can more easily call on others for help.

Second, I'll bet you that some of the tasks you work on are less important than the relationships you could be building. I'll also bet that the stronger your relationships with others, the better this will illustrate team building, contributing toward your organization's goals, and the more likely you will be perceived as promotable.

Balancing tasks and relationships is like building a brick building. The tasks are the bricks but they are anchored in place by the mortar which represents the relationships. You cannot build a strong brick building without mortar.

Finally, (and this may be the "harsh" part) your tasks are not necessarily more important than anyone else's. There may be someone out there who needs your help in getting his or her task done. Help them. This is where you put the organization's goals over your own performance objectives.

Then, when you need their help to better accomplish one of your tasks, ask them for assistance. It's a two-way street.

Don't be selfish; be selfless.


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Glen - I am totally with you on this one. No issues with tone. Candor is very much appreciated.

My concern is that I think I am supposed to prepare for the staff meeting in the MT way which includes the subject question.

What do I prepare to put into the slot (if anything) before the staff meeting. How do I know what help others may need? Should I just offer to share what I learned last week ?


or is the intent here to have a standard reminder that I should come out of the weekly staff meeting with some tasks that include assisting others.

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During my staff meeting, each person stands up and give an update of accomplishments, anything information they have to share and then if they need help, they ask, if they have time or see an area they could assist in, they offer.  If someone has helped them, they thank them.  Five minutes per person (have 11 directs).  Works well, is quick, moves along and is informative for colleagues.

Hope this help!!