So I'm starting staff meetings next week...

I have six directs, but I only have a one hour time slot to hold the meeting.  If I use the time recommendations from the staff meeting podcast, then I would have to go 95 minutes.

I figure I have two options:

1 - Cut everyone's time down by five minutes (including my own), leave the 15 minute special in place, and that should all fit into an hour.  Is this too little time for each direct to discuss accomplishments, collaboration, and radar?

2 - Stick to the times, but have the directs alternate weeks for reporting.  (3 report this week, 3 next week.)  This would, of course, break the rule of the front burner.

I'm leaning toward option 1, but I'm interested in feedback from the MT community...

Is there a third way that I haven't thought of?

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I struggle with this as well - so I am going with option1 @ 5 minutes per.  we'll see how it goes.


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What are the priorities here?  Do you need more depth, or is more frequent updates a more valuable thing?

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 We use to let all participants prepare their topics in advance. If everyone reads the prepared status documentation upfront, there is more time in the meeting to focus on certain things.


Do not use alternate reporting weeks, thing would be forgotten, people would feel second best etc.

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For status meetings, I find 5 minutes is enough - especially if the direct owns something that is very regular and rarely has hiccups.  I drilled my team to pay attention to specific metrics and report a green/yellow/red status.  So technically they could finish in 2 minutes if everything is green across the board.

I try to reserve a parking lot time at the end of my meeting for 10 or 15 minutes to go over things that need to be discussed in depth. 

In the beginning (or to be honest always but I've fallen off the ladder bringing a clock to the meeting), having a wall clock that faces the group helps too.


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 I have 15 in my unit that work in 5 teams in different shifts across the day.  I can only get them all in the same place at the same time for 30 minutes on any given day.  So our weekly staff meeting runs 30 minutes.  I get 10 minutes, the two supporting managers (operations and marketing) get 5 minutes each and then there's a 10 minute whiparound in which each of the teams report their accomplishments and radar.  this still leaves 5 minutes for Parking Lot  

I finding this works pretty well.  i can still pick up individual issues in 03's and if needed can schedule an addition meeting with the smaller teams for particular projects.

Most importantly, I use an agenda and stick to it pretty tightly.  It certainly helps focus the discussion.