I'm not sure if this is covered elsewhere.

I'm curious to hear the thoughts of other managers in terms of first steps upon starting a new job at a new company.

I'm starting a new upper management job next week (Operations Director for a large animal care and control organization). I have just sent an email to my three directs introducing myself and instructing them to schedule a one on one with me.

In the email I had presented three topics for the one on ones. What motivates you? What is your number one current challenge? And, How do you see the future?

I also asked them to describe what I can do to help them continue their success in their current roles.

I officially start next week, but I wanted to send an email as an ice breaker. I don't know what kind of unease there might be due to the position being vacant for several months.


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TLHAUSMANN put together a good list of the casts that apply when transitioning to a new job:

Congratulations and good luck! - Sam