I'm starting a new job in a weeks time - its a new role in a different company managering the Engineering division in an industry I have no detail knowledge of. I'm being hired on the basis of my management track record and, hopefully, my ability.

My question is simply is there a podcast covering the best behaviour for the first few days/weeks in a new post. Good questions, culture, goals etc etc??

I've listened to almost all the casts now but have not come across this topic yet.......any pointers out there?

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Jump Starting Internal Customer Relationships

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Try the "Better Internal Relations" podcasts from Nov and Dec 2006, and "Managing your Boss" from January 2006.


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Congratulations on the new job.

You may also want to search the site for "90 days" for a few discussion threads related to getting started in your new job.

Best wishes.

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Thanks all.

Working through your suggestions and making lots of notes on my new job 'mindmap' - boy they're going to think I'm on the ball.

All of this is such good stuff yet really not difficult.