Hi everyone,


I'm starting a new management position - this will be my second role as a manager.  I'm trying to compile a list of podcasts I should listen to so that I can be properly prepared for the role. 


I've started with "The First Rule for New Managers".  And then I'm going to listen to the Trinity casts.  


Any other tips or guidance?





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Take a look at:

I would welcome helpful hints from the MT community on this thread.

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Great stuff!  I've listened to several of these before.  But I'm going to listen again, this time with a clear focus on the new role.


Thanks for the valuable input.



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Sounds like you have a great start with some great material. Always start with the MT basics! If I can interject, I think it is also helpful for you to know yourself well and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. It takes a long time to implement MT podcasts (remembering that slow is fast in new management positions).

If you have not completed a DISC profile yet I would do that, and take a good look at what areas you are most likely to trip in first. Are you a high I or S with more trouble making deadlines? Then after you get through the trinity, maybe you can focus on the project management podcasts first. High D or C and not so good at deeping relationships? Then maybe effective communications.

One of the best podcasts I found when orienting new managers is labeled “How to Be Persuasive in a Presentation” parts 1 and 2. It’s really not about doing presentations, but about how to see how you’re perceived by others (like your new directs) and know how to best communicate with them. I’m a high I, so I really think everybody should love me because...hey, I'm loveable. These helped me to know how to communicate with others that are high C or D and need a bit more facts and figures behind my conversations with them. I highly recommend a listen! and

Finally, congratulations on your new role!

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That is some crazy script on the beginning of post above. All you computer programmers will know what went wrong there! Sorry!

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i am new branch manager with 14 peoples under me we are electronics related firm while i am mba marketing and M.A Economics what will you advice me ?

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Review the basics:

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