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What's the current status/timeline on the Premium Content? I have money that's burning a hole in my pocket, and I'd love to buy stuff from you...


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I blogged on this recently. We're shooting for early summer. The conference has eaten up our bandwidth. We'll be talking more regularly about it after next week.


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Cash in my pocket.
Premium content status?
Getting creative.

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Great post!

Still 15 bucks a month, HUGE bonus for annual subscription in initial 30 days or so, and sometime in the next 8-10 weeks.

How's that? :D

(Seriously: HUGE bonus. If you're not stunned, we will be.)


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Thank you for the post.
ETA is eight to ten?
I'm counting the weeks.

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We're very excited.


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10 weeks from now is the week before the MT conference. Coincidence? :)

All kidding aside, I can't wait.

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HUGE bonus, huh?

Coming soon, huh?

I'll be camping out (virtually) in front of the store (your website) eagerly awaiting more news!


(can you tell I'm a high "I"?)

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Yah, you guys have earned my trust, so just sign me up now. :-)


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We're humbled. Thank you.


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Excuse me ... What are you talking about ? :?
Maybe this : ?

Well ... I guess I have to wait 10 weeks ?

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it's a secret......don't tell anyone! Like the Holy Grail, premium content is oft talked about but no one has really seen any in the wild. However, in the recesses of the Manager Tools museum, there is evidence that the premium content exists.

Do you remember the podcast from July 31 and August 10 last year on preparing for your review? If you look in the resources/tools section on the homepage, there is a presentation, a notes form and a transcript. One day, those of us who believe, will see these articles for every podcast. It will be reasonably priced and produced personally by the The Mark and The Mike. It will arrive by the power of MT members belief in the next 3 months and we will sign up in droves and sing it's praises!!

(who is as desperate as everyone else, and it's starting to have an effect!)

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And now, so disappointed you found the sensible answer :-)


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I hope that my quest for truth will not be interpreted as a blasphemy which could compromise the achievement of prophecy!
To be sure, I will force myself to listen to all the podcasts since the beginning!



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We are embarrassed by our delay, and console ourselves with two factors:

1. Our families have not suffered, and they would have had we met earlier, too aggresive, timelines.

2. There is NO WAY we could have made the offer and HUGE bonus we will be making shortly had we done this a year ago. While we have abused your trust on this issue, we believe we will recoup much of that with a blockbuster announcement about the Premium Launch.


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<~Is waiting patiently...sort of...I'm not too terribly good at that patient thing.

However, I know that it will be well worth the wait...and so...I wait!

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[quote="mahorstman"]HUGE bonus ... blockbuster announcement about the Premium Launch[/quote]

God ! Here it is again, I am salivating ...