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I'm a stay at home dad considering a return to the workforce. I am young (28) and spent 2 years out taking care of and bonding with my daughter. I loved it, but circumstances are starting to convince me that perhaps the best idea will be to get back into the game.

I'm a manager by trade, mostly in physical things (acquisition, transport, storage, sales and installation of various hardware, shipping electronics all over the world, and a few other good career strengths.) I'm reading online to hide the fact that I was a stay at home dad as hiring managers will immediately reject me as unsuitable.

That doesn't sit well with me for a variety of reasons. I'm honest - and obfuscating where I've spent the vast majority of my time the last couple years with contractor and volunteer work seems duplicitous to me. It also seems that if I get into an interview and have to explain my recent work experience and say "Oh yeah I'm a stay at home dad, I just didn't list it there," it would be a mark against me. I am also in no small measure proud of my time as a stay at home father, proud of my accomplishments there, proud of how close I am to my daughter now and felt that a lot of my workplace skills (crisis management, planning, organization, communication) were only further refined by a couple years having to run parent meetups, book clubs (for parents who needed a break) and just the day to day of running the house and ensuring a really curious, physically gifted toddler was entertained day in and day out.

I am tempted to say "screw it, if a hiring manager can't see the strength in that, do I want to work for them?" but I also want to be effective. Does anyone have any feedback regarding what the right thing to do for me would be?

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That's REALLY bad advice to hide your history.  Don't consider it a second longer.  

There may be people out there who disregard people for inappropriate reasons and that is sad and sometimes illegal.  If you did try to hide it and were discovered you could be in a much worse situation.