Does anybody have any experience with "Stay Interviews"? This was piloted a year ago with my company and now it is going to be flowed down to the rest of the company. The book was released in 2015, authored by Richard Finnegan. If you are MT manager you are steps ahead of what the book describes but as I read the book it all comes across as superficial. At minimum, once a year you perform a "Stay Interview". You ask a series of 5 scripted questions then probe on the answers. When complete you create a "Stay Plan" for each direct on actions you are going to take to retain them. Just looking for some insight if anybody has been through this process or read the book.

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Back in 2006 MT had a podcast on employee retention. What I do now is incorporate some of the questions from this cast into the midyear review cycle (or at the very least make a note of the risk factors in my O3 notes.)

To me, if I am only pondering retention risk once per year...that is not often enough.