Hello All

I find myself in a difficult situation, I started a distance learning MBA program two years ago, to reach my goals I do believe that an MBA or equivalent is required . The first Year went well and progressed through the MBA at a good pace whilst working as a lower / middle manager.

After the first year I was the lucky enough to be given further promotion but despite the advice from MT and CT my workload has still increase significantly mostly due to three distant sites which I also manage and also the current econmic climate has reduced the amount of manager positions within the company thus each manager has perhaps greater responobilities than say a few years ago, along with the family and the increased hours the MBA has falled by the wayside although not by choice.

The question is, do I take a step backwards in order to reduce the hours but in the long term gaining the MBA? How would this be looked upon from potential future employers? 

Great site and comments or suggestions fully appreciated.