Why are the podcasts no longer available on Stitcher.  This was about the best way for me to safely navigate the podcasts while listening on the road.

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Stitcher, apparently, removed them. Working on getting it restored.


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Thanks for the patience, folks! Manager Tools is now available on Stitcher!

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Did you finally decide on stopping working with Stitcher?  As I said above this is about the best way I can listen to your podcasts while in the car.

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I am having issues getting the latest cast from Stitcher as well. It keeps telling me that it was removed. 

I am also trying to figure out how to get to old casts through Stitcher, but maybe I can't. I am only able to see the 8 or so recent podcasts. 


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Mike left a comment in this thread that the podcasts are no longer available from Stitcher.

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