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BLUF: I need to write and present a 2019 Strategy, rebranding and relaunching my venue.

I feel a bit shotgun - I've got the data and concepts, and I believe they are solid.

Would any be willing to offer some guidance/shared experience on how to bring this all together in a cohesive manner, which I can then work into a presentaton.

I solid on my data and concepts: I'm just a bit lost in terms of presenting this convincingly (and as an aside, I'm competent with the presentation skills, it's the content I'm struggling with)

For context: The Venue is a Multi-Outlet entertaintment venue - Sports Bar, Pool Hall, DJs, Function Room, Private Club, Main Nightclub and VIP suite.  

It's the first time I've done this: I'm bringing together financial analysis, SWOT, menu/food strategy, local engagement, refurb and repair, capex, revenue generation, point of sale and marketing, pricing structure....

It's basically a full relaunch.

Time is tight (I won't go into detail, historical operational *stuff* that lead to me taking on this role.  I kinda feel like Dan in the Case Study!) and I'm due to go on paternity leave shortly (only for 2-3 weeks).


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Michaely Hyatt and Donald Miller Podcasts may help you focus your Vision.


Try listening to these they may help


Good Luck



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Looks interesting!  I think I'll take a look too.  My VP recently tasked me with doing something similar in January 2019.