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I'm currently executing in a pilot phase of a strategy for a new service offering that I've laid out for a small team. The expectation is that the pilot will prove the strategy feasible and scalable within the next 3-6 months which can result in a combination of better quality, improved efficiency and potentially increased revenue. I'm very pleased with the results so far and believe I'm right on track to where I should be. The problem I'm having is twofold:

1) My team members have just completed a milestone consisting of a tactical execution on a well defined process that's about a 6-7 month cycle. Now they seem a little confused about the next phase which is basically a 'hot-wash' of the process and improving it in time for the next cycle. The hot wash is complete but they are not quite grasping the direction and the ambiguity and uncertainty that goes along with this phase of analysis, planning, and alternative thinking. As such they feel like they have too much down time when they should really be addressing the opportunities.

2) Similar to # 1 except it's from the perspective of my peers. They acknowledge the success of the tactical phase (as it benefits each of their departments as well). However, they don't quite understand the potential of the team and what they can deliver on in the short run which is basically the time between cycles.

I think I'm either failing in the communication and reinforcement under both situations or maybe am simply failing to deliver results and am just fooling myself. Sometimes I feel like I'm so clear in my vision so why is everyone else confused?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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reading your post I just thought one thing: CUT things in smaller chunks.

Having a clear long term goal is IMPORTANT and try to focus, estimate, work on smaller things: deliver frequently, get feedback frequently, celebrate frequently, fail early (if you have to fail). I think your team will be more focused.