Hi everybody,

I’m working as a team lead in a big matrixed organization. And for 10 month I have absolutely no feedback from my linear manager. We are sitting nearby, greeting each other every morning, asking “how are you” kind of questions. He even shown me results of HIS projects. But never asked about my project himself, and does not pay attention when I try to tell him.
I really want to be a great manager, looking for ways to improve, trying to implement MT practices, and making lot of mistakes… I’ve had both successes and failures (as I consider myself). And still zero instances of feedback. Sometimes I ask my second (Project) manager about performance and she gives me good information. But this is only a project-specific. She has absolutely no clue about anything in my career other then this project.
What really disappoints me is that I constantly get invitations from LinkedIn or other sources for a more senior roles with probably bigger salaries. But my company really does have an opportunities to grow and good projects, and it seems strange to change company just because of this issue (Career Tools always say that). And also spending years without seeing any perspective absolutely doesn’t appeal to me.
What could you advise in such situation?
Thank you in advance!