I recently ran an experiment and created a 'format' for my training class to form better actions from their learning, as I was getting frustrated at hearing "I am going to do X" without knowing the why. So I posted two variations in a LinkedIn post to canvas people's opinions.

I proposed two options:

  1. Problem to be solved - what I will do - biz outcome I will achieve
  2. Biz outcome I will achieve - what I will do - problem to be solved

I also ran a poll to see which people liked best. I prefer two, as starting with the outcome felt more aline with BLUF and the way I remember writing my resume using the MT method. However, it only scored 25% of the votes, which surprised me.

As this community will be aware of the BLUF and the resume writing advice, I was interested in your views. Considering the intent of the 'format' was to be used in a training session (with the thought it might have more utility outside of the classroom), which do you prefer and why?

Thank you for your input to my thought experiement.

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What about a 3rd option?

Problem to be solved - Biz outcome I will achieve - What I will do

This option states the problem (Bluf)

Then invisions with the end in mind

Then states what the person will do to achieve the outcome.

Just another option