In my preparation for several upcoming interviews, I have been listening to all the interview and relationship podcast I can find on Manger Tools. I have listened to the “How to Handle a Group Interview” podcast and other interview related podcasts, and I am still seeking more insight on preparing for my group interview.

I have followed the guidance on preparing my 3x5 cards and will be rehearsing my answers, statement (accomplishments), questions, and closing next. However, I do have a few questions for those subscribers who have experience conducting structured interviews as a panel and rank candidates after each response.

After being as prepared as I can for the upcoming interviews and being as motivated / energized as I can throughout the boring / impersonal panel interview process, my questions are:

1. In a structured interview by a ranking panel (4 -5 interviewers), does a closing statement really matter when an interview is ranked numerically throughout and no changes are made at the conclusion of the interviews?

2. On a similar note relating to thank you notes, do thank you notes really make a difference in the interview process / decision making process after a final numerical score has already be noted on the applicant score sheets? Panel interviews are often made up of professionals from all over the country and their names and titles are typically not known before the interview takes place.

Thank you for any and all input to make the next round of interviews more personable and rewarding.


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JF - 

1. Sorry, I dont understand the question. My guess, is that using Mark's inteview sales closing technique could still set you apart from other applicants.

2. Demonstrating an attitude of gratitude is never a mistep. It's a way of life, not just a means to getting a job. It's about people. 

It sounds like your knocking it out of the park with your preparation. I don't know if you already had the interviews. Good luck!