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Hello. I've been in a manager role for about a year and a half now. Prior to that, I've spent 20+ years as an individual contributor. I have seen lots of success with what I've learned through these podcasts, forums, and even attending a MT conference. 

Where I seem to struggle is that I get behind because I tend to drift back to IC ways. I find myself doing the work rather than always delegating. I get into the weeds with trying to solve a technological problem vs asking a capable team member to assist.

I recently listened to the One-Third Planning Rule episode and it made me realize that I don't do a great job when new work comes down the pipeline. If get involved in a new project, I immediately jump in working on it and bring my team in as resources as needed rather than taking time to think through it and delegate it to the correct person.

While that has gotten me this far, I'm constantly drowning. 

I'd like to hear what those in similar situations - going from IC to manager - and how to get past those old habits. Plus, my leader says at my level I should spend 50% doing and 50% in strategy. I find I'm more 90/10 (90 towards doing and 10 towards strategy). I'd love to balance this out.


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What if you put someone else in charge of handling the projects when new work comes down the pipeline? Let someone else manage the projects.

Delegate. You'll advance yourself and your employees in terms of value. You miss playing, but now you're a coach. Your job is to teach all of them how to be the best whatever they can be and help them get there. You'll come to love management.


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What you are describing is not easy.  I have the same struggle.

It is a process.  And a slow one.

Keep listening to Manager tools, Career Tools  -- get a license and listen to Executive tools.

It slowly seeps into your brain.  At least that is workin for me.

I am getting a little better as time goes by.

Good Luck