Apologies if this has been posted before.

To provide you with a bit of background, I work in a warehouse distribution centre that supplies spare parts for heavy machinery used in the construction and mining sector. This warehouse employs around 80 staff. I have worked here for the better part of five years and I am looking for my first promotion into a management/supervisory position.

The company I work for is very poor at communicating results to us floor level workers and even worse at providing feedback (positive or negative) in terms of individual performance. To illustrate this point I have only had 1 performance review in the time I have worked there and it consisted of two team leaders telling me I was doing a good job (No specific, quantifiable data given).

I am in the process of developing my resume but due to the lack of information available to me I am struggling to identify achievements and finding it even harder to quantify them.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Do you have a corporate email system? You may review your sent messages to refresh your memory of good ideas, suggestions, or process improvements your supervisors or the company adopted during your tenure. Has anyone reporting to you been promoted?

Take a look at your written performance review--were there any examples of a specific incident that merited the "good job"-- XX consecutive days without a work-related injury or accident, perfect safety ratings during last audits, etc.

In short, you are seeking items that signify what *you* brought to the position that (perhaps) no one else did or could do...the objective is to give evidence of how well you are doing your job.

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Did you ever perform a task or responsibility that would normally be handled by a team lead or manager? Did you ever take on an extra work assignment...and do it successfully? Did you complete any projects that took an extended time and delivered results ahead of schedule or under budget?