I thought you would like to know that I have quite literally taken my MT knowledge to heart. My wife is doing performance appraisals for her staff now and asked for some help. Since I just did mine I employed the knowledge I learned recently on the job and the great info I got from MT to assist her.

We both work for the same company, in separate areas of IT, and use the PA software that I helped design and write a couple years back.

Now I just need to get her to start listening on a regular basis. She's listened along with me and starts doing what I do... talking back to Mark. She just hasn't subscribed and made a habit of devouring it every Monday.

Thanks again for the great podcast.

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A great story! Thanks for sharing it. I know we say it a lot, but what you describe is what we want - managers using our content to become more effective. NICE WORK!!!

And might I ask... when you talk back, are you disagreeing? I'd be happy to hear suggestions, comments, big or small.

And tell us about the PA software...?

It's a privilege to do this.


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When she/we talk back it's mostly agreement. "Yeah, why doesn't everyone do that?!" Once in a while she'll disagree, but those cases are normally when she gets in the van and catches something out of context. I put the podcast on pause and give her the proper perspective then she gets it.

As for the performance appraisal software we use, it's an in house web app that we wrote around our performance appraisal workflow. It was originally spec'd as a peer feedback system, but was later extended to include self appraisals and manager appraisals. It imports the employee data from our company directory and fires off a notification to the employee at the perscribed time. The employee completes a peer list to solicit peer feedback. The list is approved by the manager or one-over-manager, then they complete their self-appraisal consisting of their recent accomplishments, strengths, developmental skills, leadership assessment, and then goal setting sections. The manager fills out something similar, and all the results are pulled together in a PDF to conduct the review. Last year was the first year of production. It had a few tweaks this year and runs quite well.

I hope that's enough information.

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Thanks - perfecto.