Hi my name is Keith Greer. After taking a couple years off from school I have returned to UNM to study Marketing and Operations Management.

In my time away from school I went to work for a very large hospitality and entertainment company in Orlando, FL. I loved working for this company and made many life long friends across many lines of business. In my various roles I had the opportunity to develop presentations that brought feuding lines of business together, improve team recognition, as well as coach our cast on our guest service guidelines, in addition to my “real” job.

After three years in Orlando I decided to return to school to get my degree. Having been back in school for a little over a year now and being able to see the end in sight I am very excited, and actually look forward to adding more years of formal education under my belt with a MBA.

While I am in school I am also working as a Front of House Floor Manager at the premier performing arts theater in New Mexico. This is another job that I absolutely love. This new role is very challenging, as I manage over 250 volunteers.

I have become addicted to the Manager Tools podcast, I signed up for it last week and have been listening to it ever since. I might have to slow down to digest some of the information, but these guys are so knowledgeable and entertaining.

Outside of school and work I love to ski, scuba dive, and play board games. I look forward to learning all I can from this site and all the people active in the forums.

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Hi there, I'm also an avid board gamer. Do you play the german style games or the more popular ones?
Welcome to Manager Tools - a great place to be!

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I am a fan of the popular board games like Monopoly, Sorry, Cranium Command, and even though it is not a board game I also love Balderdash. I have a group of friends that I get with on a pretty regular basis to play and just have a good time.

On other exciting news I just got a new job, I am now working with the same employer but have a position as a Market Research and Development Intern. I am very excited to get this new opportunity and actually start working in a field more closely related to my major.

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Hello Keith. Welcome to Manager Tools. Congratulations on the new job!