I use the Overcast App to list to Manager Tools and have done so for a lot of years as I drive a lot and find it helpful to be able to set up a few podcasts to continue playing as I drive without having to touch my phone.

I purchased the interview series a few years back and used to have it downloaded on an old phone using Overcast however I now find that I can't seem to get the downloads to work - I get 'server error' messages in the app when I try, although the two bonus episodes (16 and 17) download fine.

Having read through a few old forum messages, I'm wondering whether this is related to the archiving of rss feeds.  I noticed mention that there is a "registered-members/rss.xml" for the archived feeds and am wondering if similar exists for premium content?  

If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be appreciated.



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Hi, I also use Overcast for regular podcasts (including my Executive Tools feed). I've been a member for several years and have never seen a way to download the interview series as a separate RSS feed. To solve the problem, I have download the interview series within the MT app directly. It isn't quite as robust in features, but it does have a playback speed option and offline replay.

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Thank you for your response.  Just FYI, I previously downloaded through my products (there is a an old iTunes referenced link).  Now that I have a personal license and the interview series is included, I'm guessing the rss feed hasn't been updated as it is thought that subscribers will use the MT app as you've suggested

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I misunderstood, and didn't catch that you had purchased the product separately prior to becoming a licensee. My mistake :).