I've never been a "Chicken Soup for the..." fan - but this book is phenomenal. I just picked it up yesterday and I'm flying through it. It's really a manual for success in all aspects of your life. I'd be interested to hear from others reading it.

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I really like it, it's one of the best PMA books out there. It's kinda based on Napoleon Hill's "Think and grow rich" and to be fair, it goes beyond that. (Jack Canfield even markets the book as being the 21st century version of Napoleon Hill but thats OK - I'd agree to that claim.)
After reading the "Success Principles" for the second time I printed out the (25) principles and pinned them next to my desk.
I review them at least once a week during my weekly "GTD" (David Allen's Getting Things Done) Review.
PMA-books make me reach for the stars when I do the goal-planning for me and my team. Before you do that, make sure to clean up your brain using GTD.
And finally, Manager Tools is teaching me the behaviours to find, develope and retain the people that we need to get where we want the team to be!


PS: There seem to be different version of this book around. The one I'm referring to is a red colored paperback edition that has 25 principles...

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[size=12][size=18]Yes, this is a very useful book. I managed to read it twice, once to just to finish it and the second time I started taking notes to practice them. Covers every aspect of life including financial aspects which are also a "Must Area" of success.
There is also a news letter to which You can subscribe and have the soft copy of the key principles.

Bangalore, India.

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Thank you for the link! I will definitely check it out.