How successful have people been at spreading the word on Manager Tools? I have mentioned it to a number of people and then followed it up with an email with links to the critical casts. However, I never hear back from people on whether or not they have tried it. I don't ask for a little fear of coming across as pushy or evangelizing. Because I have not heard back, I assume that either it has not been as enlightening to them as it has been for me. What have other people experienced?

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As with all things new, I've experienced some mixed results. Some people listen to it, love it, but don't quite get into doing it. Others smile and nod and move on. Still others jump in both feet first. It really depends on the person and where they are professionally, I think.

The ones who have made the best use of it see themselves in one place hoping to go to another. They find here a set of skills that will really help them accomplish their goals. The ones in the middle think they're doing things just fine. They want to look like they're open to new things, though, so they'll listen and chat about it over drinks, but do little. The far end of the spectrum is convinced they've got it all right and aren't interested in improving upon that.

I suspect that there's a DISC correlation in there somewhere. I also suspect that it will be telling at the end of the game, because I can think of one of each of those types of responses I've seen. The one who figured they had it all right no longer works with me and is frustrated in a dead end (though more money per hour to start) job. The one in the middle was promoted, is struggling a bit, and is stuck in the 'trying to make everyone happy' rut. The one who jumped in has taken a step back in her career so that she is more free to take time off for her son, who is having major surgery this summer, and to work on some of the skills that will take her in the direction she wants to go.


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Your comments remind me of an old joke:

How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?

One. But it really has to want to change.

Same thing goes for manager tools. It doesn’t help to push something on someone who doesn’t want or feel a need to change.

While I’ve only been learning/practicing M-T techniques recently, I’ve found with other effective methods that the best way to spread the message is to be effective. The most credibility comes from the mouth of someone who actually did it…and it worked!


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The best way to influence others internally is with results.

RESULTS. In your job, by doing things differently, and having higher productivity, or lower costs, or better teamwork, or better meetings, or more promotions, or better survey scores.


Talking about how much you LIKE Manager Tools is likely going to be only mildly effective.

And, I strongly disagree with "[i]It doesn’t help to push something on someone who doesn’t want or feel a need to change."[/i] That's a false opposite. One person with conviction is a majority, and let's not call all efforts to influence "pushing". The advent of political correctness has caused us all to be so careful of others' feelings, to honor their point of view so willingly, we're not willing to say, "your way is less effective." We're essentially losing the ability to carry an argument without role power.

RESULTS. Shut up and outperform...and let them come ask.


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Oh, yes. It's ALL about the results. I could add another level to those observations: Those who KNOW the success I have had since I started putting MT to use are [b]much[/b] more open to it than those who aren't (and really, that means those who knew all along that I was listening and saw the growth). Those who only see the growth but aren't quite close enough to see MT are more in the mid-range. And some people just don't think that something as "silly" as communications tools could possibly give you success.

I'll keep succeeding and singing it from the mountaintops. I'll look forward to seeing all those who want to join me on the way!