Just want to pass on a success story, and give some of the credit to Manager Tools podcasts. 

Yesterday I was offered the opportunity to get in on a major new initiative in my organization. I was given a choice between two assignments: Project A and Project B. Both projects are high stakes, high visibility, high priority. 

The person making the offer was strongly pushing me toward Project A.  I wanted Project B. 

I said, "I'll be more effective, and more valuable to the organization, on Project B.  On Project A, I would have no role power, minimal expertise power, and minimal relationship power.  On Project B, I would have no role power, moderate expertise power, and a ton of relationship power."

I got the assignment I wanted, Project B.  I start on Monday. 

Many thanks to the Manager Tools team. I learned this from you. 

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 Hi Afriedman thanks for sharing your story :)