Between January and June of 2012, I went on some 20 interviews, not receiving a single offer. Never knowing why, I kept doing the same things (as I saw). I was asked to leave a previous position for reasons much longer than this post, and I squirmed every time I gave my answer.

I eventually did find work; I fit like a glove. It was certainly fulfilling, but I was there because an employee had a baby, and my tenure would be short. 

I was referred by a friend to the Career Tools podcasts. I ate them up, and after I saved up the $150, bought the Interviewing Series.

I realized what I was doing wrong. Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice does (Don Meyer, Lipscomb Uni basketball coach). I practiced, but not in the right ways.

On my third in person interview, I landed a great job for me! I was able to demonstrate my Excel knowledge on site; something no one ever asks. I treated it like a conversation and was calm. 

I can't quantify what understanding the other side of the table means in an interview. Great work!