In January I posted that my team was going to double.  Well I did get a couple of directs for a month but then without warning my manager called me to a conference room to inform me that he was going to make someone in another one of his teams a new team leader and he was going to give the two directs plus the two open position to the new team leader.

I did not get much of an explanation other than he was give this other person a chance to lead, it was best for the company since we were growing and that I might be spread a little thin.

What should I learn from this?  I have not been given any negative feedback for any reason and I feel that I could handle the additional responsibility and the new directs so I don't know what caused him to make a change.   Any advice?




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I don't think you have anything to worry about. Your boss probably thought better of his first approach, and/or he got some guidance that creating more leaders was a better long term plan.

I really doubt that this is some kind shadow negative feedback. You were good enough to earn his trust at first, and now he's going a slightly different direction.

Now what you need to do is offer all the help you can to the team lead. Be a team player and help rather than focusing on a potential slight to you.

Let it go.


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Thanks for the encouragement it helps a lot.  I feared that I somehow lost his trust and I just did not know it.