Here's a podcast episode that I need to share.

I like the Harvard Business Review, but I'm less thrilled about the HBR Ideacast podcast. Their ideas are rather theoretical and non-specific.

However, I'm catching up on past podcasts and wanted to specifically point out episode 58 "Three Signs of a Miserable Job". The very first sign was if your manager doesn't view you as a person, another form of Horstman's First Law - "Its ALL about people."

This one is worth listening to.


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I just started working my way thru those casts too (HBR ideacast). . . makes me appreciate M&M SO much more . . . those Harvard guys are so wooden, there's no real discussion (you can tell they're all reading every question and response), and as you note it's a lot of fluffy theory w/out much in the way of concrete tools.

Still deciding if I wanna plunk down $100 for a HBR subscription . . . the podcast certainly isn't swaying me towards an affirmative.

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The magazine is worth it. The case studies are generally very good, and the overall bent is strategic. That's good.

It's not Manager Tools. It serves a different purpose, typically looking at the big picture rather than the details.


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I agree with John- HBR is well worth the subscription price. I almost always get something of value out of every issue.

I believe M&M say this as well, but there is a lot of value in being familiar with the contents:
- if a senior executive starts talking about an article, you can join in the conversation
- referencing an HBR article when making a discussion point is a good way to add weight to what you are saying

I'm also a listener to the HBR cast, and I agree that it isn't that great. However, now that I'm caught up on Manager-Tools, I don't mind spending 20 minutes of my commute time listening to it. The two that caught my ear recently were "Three Signs of a Miserable Job" and "Redefining Global Strategy"


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I agree, the paid HBR is light years ahead of the podcast version. I look forward to that the same way I look forward to the monthly members-only Manager Tools podcasts.

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I guess I'll throw in my agreement with everyone else and especially RichRuh about the benefits of the HBR - I look forward to getting my hands on a new one of those each time I get one - the McKinsey Quarterly is also quite good for anyone interested in that - great industry information there

In terms of podcasts, I have to agree that the Harvard cast is disapointing. I started listening to that the same time I started listening to MT for the first time, and the Harvard one is looong gone.

One that I do like but can't find anymore was by Carnegie Melon - they had guest speakers from different companies on each show and spoke about strategy, the marketplace, and industries. It was good stuff.

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[quote="eagerApprentice"]McKinsey Quarterly is also quite good for anyone interested in that - great industry information there[/quote]

Speaking of McKinsey, they publish another relatively high quality podcast on finance - say a 7 on a 10 point scale. Search McKinsey on iTunes to find it. It comes out less frequently, but what they talk about is the McKinsey view of some aspect of finance - for example, are market prices driven by fundamentals or emotion (or both).

Since finance is pretty much a whole bunch of very simple variables, their generally theoretical approach really does have real-world application.


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Hi bflynn - great suggestion - I haven't listened to the first cast yet (downloading now!) but I'm excited to hear their take on Finance - especially these days!

If they approach it in the way you indicated, it should make for a nice cast indeed.