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I referred a friend to MT recently, and it got me to thinking about the impression that a new user might have when the front page loads.

I think having the most recent blogs on the front page work for established MT-heads - we're coming back to an ongoing conversation that we've been part of for some time.

But a new user might take a while to figure out how to approach the site.

Seems to me that a front page that contains something like an introduction to the philosophy of MT, along with direct links to key areas of the site (such as the 'basics' podcasts), would be a worthwhile endeavour.

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Good point - but I'm guessing this might be part of what they have in mind as part of the upgrade that's been mentioned a few times.

Suppose the other side of it is that a lot of people would probably find the podcast first, through iTunes or Podcast alley, and then come to the site already knowing a bit about the cast.

Still you're right, the overall impression can be a bit like arriving partway through a conversation!


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Agreed all ... you'll see some *significant* changes when we complete the site redesign.