I have a great opportunity for an amazing position but I have to fly for the third interview; I have never done this before. Any suggestions? Should I fly and interview on the same day? The home office is in an area I am not familiar with. Thanks in advance!

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Fly in the night before. Don't risk being late due to weather, etc. You want to be at your best, not in a rush or unprepared.


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Fly the day before. You will interview during the day, then have a flight out in the evening. This way, you get a good night's sleep and you have a little extra time to recover if travel goes wrong. Of course, if something does happen, be ready to call HR if it looks like you'll be late. These days, a 12 hr flight delay is not unheard of and may be just about the only excusable reason for being late to a job interview.

Assuming everything goes well - confirm with HR what time you need to be there. Arrive 5-10 minutes early. Since you're arriving the evening before, make sure you understand your route in the morning and where you're going. Go to bed early, get up early, make sure your clothes are in order....same thing you would do at home.

Be sure to get business cards from each individual you talk with and write the thank you notes in the airport waiting on the plane home.

The rest you know - be fresh, smiling and energetic and you'll convey excitement about being there.