BLUF: My division is merging with another division and I would like some advise from those who have been through a similar merger.

Here is the background. I am in management for a division of a large multi-national company.  Our parent company has acquired another company and is merging it in with our division. The company is in the process of integrating where overlap exists in functions/responsibilities etc…  Many of the leadership & management changes have gone to employees of the newly acquired division and not the employees of my division. My performance is and has been very good (top 10%), so to date I have just been continuing to perform and “hope” things work out.  It appears, however, that I will soon be reporting to a manager from the newly acquired company.  I know very little about this manager and have met her only once.  Any suggestions are much appreciated

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Have you listened to this two part series?


John Hack

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The 2-part series John Hack mentions above is the best place to start.  Since a merger usually means a whole new set of relationships to be built, you might also want to listen to the 2-part series "Jump Starting Internal Customer Relationships" - Manager Tools 11/26/2006 and 13/3/2006.   If as part of the merger you will be relocating to a new office or inheriting a new team in a location where you can readily meet with them, you might want to listen to "New Job Day One - Do It Yourself" for some tips on integrating yourself into a new environment.

Steve Simmons

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JHack and Stevesim, thanks for the suggestions.  I will go back and listen to the podcasts you suggested.  I did not think of the "New Job Day One" podcast and had not looked at the merger that way - great suggestion.

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 and after listening to the casts, don't be shy about asking follow up questions.  Some of us have been through M&A wringers more than once...

John Hack